Living better in our neighbourhoods

Our mission

We seek to provide better quality of life over the long term for all our customers by making their experience of the buying process and the use they make of the living spaces and services created for them as pleasant as possible.

In brief

2017 sales : €2,712 million
  • 14% office buildings
  • 86% housing
0 employees
(in property development)
0% of managers at Bouygues
Immobilier are women

Our business activities

Bouygues Immobilier is a leading private property developer in France and Europe. As an urban developer-operator, the company has nearly 60 years' experience in developing residential, corporate and commercial projects for customers in more than 250 towns and cities from 39 branches in France and four outside France.

Join us!

Working with Bouygues Immobilier means helping to bring ambitious, innovative and sustainable projects to completion. It guarantees that you will acquire know-how and skills at the cutting-edge of innovation.

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